Friday, February 29, 2008

More photos of this week. plus ufc's secret revealed..

Reduced Fat! I just need to lose like 30% of my fats to look beautiful.

Very saltish fries! :(

Marcus have this on his table. Damn funny lah..

Had lunch at BJ's V8. Think they are somewhat related to SONY or something..

They have like 10 SONY Tvs in the small little cafe.. and even the players are SONY.

Soup is quite watery. Not "thick" enough, but taste still ok loh.

My main. Steak. I ordered medium. It's not bad. quite soft, but I really miss eating those with more fats. This one's a little erm.. slim. :P
Jennifer jie (JJ) likes the potato wages" and I like the baby carrots. :)

Look ma, it's magic! My coke looks like it's frozen. :P
That's my coke and Stephanie jie (SJ)'s Paranakan pasta.

They had coffee. heard it's kinda bitter. eeks..

So in total, I paid SGD12.50 (after discount) for 1 soup, 1 main and 1 coke.
Currently they have some promos. think OCBC and Standard Chartered.

My boy came for me on Thursday. We ate at the coffeeshop, my favourite mushroom minced meat noddle. hees. Then we went shopping. I know, I know.. but it's SALES everywhere leh.. :P
Guess what did I buy? nono, what did dardar buy for me?

1 pair of white pumps.

and 1 pair of heals heels.

I actually only intend to just buy 1 pair of shoes, but the jiejie there very nice, help me find shoes that fits me. (My small feet is the cause of many troubles). I almost tried all the shoes in the shop le. So I decide to get another pair loh. They are having some promo, so end up it's around S$48-S$49 for both pairs.

When I decide to wear them, then show you how it looks like k. :)
soon, I know. :p

Went out with my Sha Xiao Mei just now.
Thanks for waiting, for having dinner with me, for walking with me even though you're tired and for giving me this cute "lollipop". I just put it on. The lights damn chio. A lot of colours one leh! :)

What secret have I revealed?

Yes, I secretly likes edc. I still remember my first original Mandarin pop disc: Ed is On. And I remember how badly I wanted the pair of branded sports shoes he had. When I found out that they don't sell that design in sg, I was damn sad. I think Cat has the bright orange coloured one. I forget to ask her to buy for me when she's back in UK. :( argh. Now I think it's no longer manufactured loh.

oops, secrets out. :p

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