Friday, June 27, 2008

Could uglyfatchick be Xiaxue's BFF?

Uglyfatchick decides to complete the questionnaire and see if she fits the bill to be the BFF (Best Friend Forever) of a Famous Blogger in Singapore.

Name: uglyfatchick
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Occupation: Currently Accounts cum Sales Assistant. (Want to go back to studying full time)
Mobile Number: You give me yours, I give you miss call lah.
Email Address:

1. Why do you want to be my BFF?
I don't know? For fun? Because I want to be famous? muahaha... Because I feel lonely sometimes?

2. If my boyfriend Mike hits on you behind my back, what would you do?
Wow. Tough one. I'll probably like lure him into some secluded island and leave him there. Then I'll come back on my own and behave like nothing's ever happen. He'll never get back and you'll just think that he left you. We'll still be BFF. YEAH!

3. We're heading out to the party of the year. I look god awful in my new dress but somehow I think it rocks. What would you do?
Snap and let you see how you look like on photo. Sometimes, mirror lies you know.

4. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your chio-ness? How would you rate my chio-ness?
My chio-ness? Are you kidding? I have chio-ness?? Maybe -1.
If I give you a rating of 10 it'll sound damn fake lah. Maybe a 7?

5. What are your political views?
I don't like office/school politics. They kinda stink. Makes me damn sad.

6. Are you a smoker or non-smoker?
Non-smoker. But I have bad breath and yellow teeth. :(

7. Which would you choose?
a. Holiday destination: Malaysia Vietnam Thailand! Taiwan!
b. Music: Mandopop
c. Makeup: Body Shop MAC I see, I like, I got money, I buy. No like, No money, No buy.

8. How much would you spend on a casual lunch?
What's casual lunch? My English very poor loh.. My lunch sometimes 3 dollar nia. Got spend more than 10 dollars but not very often loh.

9. What kind of mahjong stakes do you play?
Viwawa EXP.

10. Do you own a This Fashion membership card? If so, what is your membership number?
I don't own a This Fashion membership card, but I do buy quite a number of stuffs from there though.

11. What are your thoughts on the following people:

a. Angelina Jolie: Her lips are scaring me.
b. Paris Hilton: Hot! :P
c. Dawn Yang (the blogger): Don't know much about her. Is she looking for BFF too?
d. Mas Selamat (the fugitive): I don't like his hair. Is he balding or something?
e. SPGs in general: Eh. I still don't get what's the definition of SPGs even after looking it up on wikipedia.

12. Where is Mas Selamat?
Maybe still in Singapore? Maybe he became a monk? Monk normally have a new name and they supposedly live a new life right? I don't know, really.

Attach a photo of yourself! Maximum upload size: 1MB
OMG, I don't have a nice photo of me right now leh.
You want the photo of me with makeup or no makeup one?
Why so troublesome one. haiya..

After answering all these questions hor.
I think I really not suitable to be her BFF lah.
Only thing common between us, is our boyfriends' name is MIKE and we're both not very tall loh.


  1. haha! your answers are so funny

  2. I didn't send in my answers. Scared to face XX if they so decide that they can make fun of me. :p