Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Laziest blogger award goes to...

I know I know.. I've not blogged for a whole freaking week!!!

Been rather busy at work. Excuses.
Yes, I admit, I AM LAZY, happy now?

No money to shop, so didn't really buy much stuffs.
Oh. Yes, I finally got my own Internet. It's under my name... So from this month on, not only do I have to pay for my own phone bill, transport, food and entertainment, I also have to pay for my own Internet bill!

*sob sob*
I really want to shop leh!! Great Singapore Sale here le, but I no time and money to go shop. sianz right? haiz.. then the other day my colleague told me she already spent like 1.2k (not including purchase of electrical appliances) since GSS started on 23rd May. That's like in less than a month???

It's been about a month since I had a haircut, now my hair looks a bit weird and the hair-ends keep poking and irritating me. argh..

I'm looking for short courses to do. Maybe diplomas or some certifications stuffs. I need to keep moving! I don't want to get stuck here just like that.

I need to move my butt and do some exercise!!
Note To Self: Eating, blogging, sleeping, working, shopping and watching movies, not counted as EXCERSING lah! doh..

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