Tuesday, June 17, 2008

uglyfatchick.blogspot.com's blog reader

Thank you Mon Cherie.

Her simple but very meaningful comment made me very happy.
I was so touched I nearly cried okay!

The past many months, I've been blogging really little because I felt like there's no one reading my blog already. Like I'm so boring that people rather face their notes(study) then to read my blog. As I blog lesser and lesser, I feel like even if uglyfatchick were to dissappear from earth the Internet world, no one will even notice.

Just a simple comment, and I feel "important" again.
I know. Some people say that I'm quite easy to please.
Sometimes, I guess. hahas.

Wrote this entry last night when I couldn't sleep.
Thank you for the comment Mon Cherie. :)

PS: Your display pic so cute leh.


  1. aww you're so sweet! that's my pet hedgehog sonic =D

  2. Don't let the lack of comments get you down.

    0 comments doesn't mean 0 readers. I do stumbled upon your blog quite a number of times, but declined to comment because of the sucky blogger's commenting interface.

    But after reading this, I believe this comment will keep your reason to blog strong.

  3. haha i still gt read ur blog oso.. but think v long nv comment alr :X

    anyway i del off my blog for couple of mths alr lols.. cos my dad find out abt my blog add n dere r things i dun wan let him read :X

    my poly gpa nt gd enf to gt in any of e local uni haha so nw waiting for sim reply.. nw wrkin temp admin asst.. since lk if really gt in e sim course i apply.. 'll start sch oni in sept.. still pretty long so jus wrk 3mth 1st :P

  4. Mon Cherie: :) It's cute but isn't it prickly?

    Darran: Yes, Thank you for commenting too! :)

    Jas: My dad doesn't use internet so he doesn't know what I write on my blog. but my brothers now know my blog add le. Kind of weird. :p

    A lot of people go SIM, I also thinking of going. :p but the fess a bit high leh. :(

  5. oh haha.. my dad use my lappy when im nt ard.. 4gt to "locked it" :X

    i applied for UniGlobal actually.. under UoL -computing and info system haha.. this one is 3 yrs course.. bachelor degree de.. ard 20+ 30k bah if include e exam fees as well.. my uncle offered to loan me 1st.. so jus study 1st.. think 'll hav prob coping if i work full time n study part time :X

    those under UniSIM (consider sg private uni) - need at least 2 years working exp & 21 y.o. =.= lols and oni part time courses.. mre for working adults.. 3 or 4 yrs courses i think.. think ard 20+k haha but depend on e modules u choose..

  6. don't shut down your blog!!!

    or else i won't know what's happening in ufc's life=)

    i enjoy reading your blog, so don't stop blogging!!