Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wrapping Christmas presents

I tried to pack my room and wrap presents! on Monday..
Yes, My off day is on Monday. Cannot ah?

Open my cupboard, saw this big orange plastic bag.

End up playing with SOME my soft toys. I can name 99% of the people who gave me which soft toy(s). Honestly, I don't know how long more can I keep these soft toys until they become super old and dirty.. :(

Note to all friends, please do not give me soft toys already.. No more room for soft toys le..

After putting away my soft toys, I decide to do some "work".
I've started wrapping Christmas presents!!!

Hubby says I'm crazy. Where got people wrap presents 6 months in advance one???
But I'm very slow one mah. One off day wrap a couple of presents, by the time reach Christmas, should be just right. :p

Now I'm kind of worried by the time it's Christmas, my presents all old and the wrapping paper become yellow liao. *faints*


  1. i like those wrapping papers! very pretty. in reply to the last comment, yes it's very prickly and painful if you get pricked.

  2. Mon Cherie: I think they are pretty too. Just hope they don't turn yellow faster than I expect. :p
    So you can't hold it? or is there a way to hold it without getting prick?

  3. oh yes there is, you just use a glove hehe, cuz their prickles stand when you get too near. they just had babies too, five of them!

  4. Been looking after them for long? Do they recognize you when you're near? I've not heard of anyone owning them as pets in SG.. Interesting. :)

  5. oh no they don't recognise me hehe, they just look at you, pretend they didn't see you, and go right back to sleep! do you have any pets?

  6. I have fishes at home but they are more like my dad's. They don't like me and my brothers, always jumping and hiding. -.-

    I had a hamster named hyper. I gave it to someone who told me it's sick. Then one day, she told me it went missing. :(

    What do you feed them?

  7. oh, fishes are cute too ^^ they eat worms and fruits, and drink milk.