Friday, June 13, 2008

I've got my Yebber cheque where's Nuffnang's???

I withdraw-ed my Yebber Dollars a week ago and look what I've got in the mail..

My first Yebber Cheque!

Yebber's like really fast!
I Heart Yebber

Where's my nuffnang cheque???
It's been months already!!! argh..
Since I asked for my cheque, I've no ads on my blog and my cheque takes so long and yet haven reach me.
I send in a ticket, and no one replies me..
They must be too busy with other cute bloggers and don't like me already. :(
*sob sob*


  1. nuffnang is like that one lah.

    i took down their ads long ago. then don't want to give them permanent free advertising on my board when they are so unprofessional.

  2. hmm i haven get any ads and i'm like only 10 bucks away from cashing out.. is that their tactics? ha..

  3. Wendy:
    I'm thinking of taking them down le. but need to inform them one right?

    No idea leh.. Feel like being cheated like that. :(