Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am guilty. (Work related Post)

We were supposed to have a company gathering cum farewell party for one of our staffs. However due to some reason, we had to cancel it a few hours before the event.

Almost all the staffs were informed except for one, staff A.
We were going to call her, when something big crop up in the workplace.
I was partly responsible for the crop up.

Did not inform my senior that there will be some items coming to the office and that we do not have enough space for those items. Spent an hour or so settling the issue. I'm felt so guilty for making that mistake.

By the time we're done, it's almost 6 ish. That's when colleague B ask me on msn why we've not inform staff A. So I just told him we were really busy. Which is the truth but I know I should not be forgiven for not calling her in time.

Anyway, what make matters worse is that, since staff B mention that we have not contact staff A, I thought he called her and tell her or something. But he haven call her! and by the time she close shop and got ready to leave for the gathering, he told her that it's cancelled! I understand how frustrated she must have felt. But I really did not know that she didn't know until end of the day. I tried to explain that we were busy.. but I guess it's also my fault lah. So slow. If I call her 1 min earlier. Then settled liao mah. Now I think she's kinda angry at us and I feeling guilty loh. Haiz.. how?

Does anyone know, how should I let the staff A know that I really didn't mean it and I really didn't know she didn't know about it at all? Don't really want her to have the wrong idea you see..


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