Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clubbing = no life meh? and Where's my Nuffnang cheque?

A friend was like commenting that I've no life, cause I'm always clubbing clubbing clubbing.
If we weren't on msn but talking face to face, I would have shouted at him or something lah!

I club a lot meh?
Until now the number of times I've gone into a club can be counted using 1 hand lor.

First time's Kyla's Birthday Party at MOS in Dec'2006.
Second time's at dblO on 13May'2008 Jolyn asked me out.
Third time's dblO's Anniversary Party 2008 and I went because I had invites loh!
Forth and last's is the newurbanmale party at st james, also because I had free tixs loh!!!

I feel sad now lah.
Why everyone think I'm the clubbing sort of girl as if it's a really bad thing? :(

Anyway, I've busted my expense's budget and transport's budget again.
Just got my pay, but allocated a part of it on something I don't need. Let's just hope it's a good buy and if it's really really fun, I'll blog about it!. :)

Talking about money.. I've yet to receive my Nuffnang cheque. :(
I cashed out in March and it's already end of May!

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