Monday, June 30, 2008

Kate Gel Eyeliner Vs Canmake Liquid Eyeliner

I always have trouble with eyeliners. Especially the pencil/crayon types. They just refuse to go onto my skin. :(

After reading some reviews on Kate Gel Eyeliner and it's wonderful brush that comes with it, I decide that I want to get it! But, it's out of stock in Singapore. :(

Recently, I found someone selling on the forum at SGD20.00. So I bought one in BK1, but the seller accidentally sent me BK2 instead.

Registered mail and bubble wrapped. :)

Looks kinda small. hahas.

Difference in BK1 and BK2 is that BK1 is plain black but BK2 has glitters.

I have a canmake liquid eyeliner in black (old version) and 1 canmake super glitter liner in black.

The canmake liquid eyeliner is a little too thin or something and the brush is too thick, making it hard to apply and doesn't look good on me. (5/10) Plus, I think it's kinda past it's expiry date! :P

I like the super glitter liner, the brush is tiny thus making application a lot easier, but I find it too "glam" or too "playful" for work. And the glitters are really difficult to clean away. (7/10)

This gel one is good! The gel and brush are really easy to use. I've no trouble putting it on, and it wasn't that hard to take it off too! :) I might get BK1 too.. then I can wear it to work. Hahas..

The Vainfatchick.

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