Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Father's and Mother's Day 2008

*this post is 2-3 weeks late* :p

15 June 2008.
Had dinner with Daddy, Mummy, Hubby and my 3 younger brothers.

At last, a family photo.

I'm really happy that night.
Didn't know daddy ordered so much food..
Finish one plate, another plate comes. All of us are so full in the end.
Full and really happy. :)

The ze cha's food's pretty average.
Paid for dinner as Father's day treat for the first time,
thought I should since I've kind of started working..

Recently ordered 3 cushions (22'inch) for the sofa, didn't know cushions can be so heavy. -.-
$75 for 3 cushions. Kinda expensive, but I really like the fabric I choose.
Very comfortable and it fits my house's sofa! I'm so happy with the purchase. :)

This month's expenditure a bit high.

Other than the cushions, also bought magazines, some groceries, some toiletries, wrapping papers, and a "little" something which I'll blog about in the next next post.. :)


  1. woah
    they are all bispectacled!
    its been quite a while since i last saw them.
    the 2nd bro like change leh.


  2. lols. what you expect.. we all grow old. they all grow up loh..