Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I heart dbl 0 Anniversary Party! (Photos!)

First time uglyfatchick got invited to a party. So EXCITED! :P
Invite by Nicholas, a very cute boy. :)

Friday 23rd May 2008, hubby met me after work and we went down to dbl 0.


I felt so damn special for the first time. Okay, maybe not that special, but still special..
Aiya, you know what I mean right??? Some people without invites, have to stand outside and wait until 10 or 11 then can pay money to go in, but I go in don't need to pay money and can go in anytime! muahahaha...

Invite with complimentary drinks!

Free housepours and beers.
So many people got drunk that night!
And they even have staffs walking about with trays of finger food!
uglyfatchick hearts dbl O!!! =)

Jolyn the pretty babe got an invite too!

She's good at taking photos. I'm really lousy.
See the below photos to get what I mean..

I tried to take a photo of the big boys and you can't even see their faces.

From her camera.. So much clearer right??

Her drink and some random beers.

The place's pretty packed, so I was trying to find things to take photos of. :P

Argh! I look damn ugly lah. :(

Took photo with the babe. I look flushed cause I wore 2 tops, walked around in stupid heels and felt really hot. I think I actually perspired!

I took photo with the old old tired tired de hubby.

Made hubby take photo of me and my ice-cream plus green tea drink. ;)

Took photo of myself!

Took photo with the tag? :)

Took photo with hubby again.

Took so many photos that hubby thinks I'm crazy. -.-

Hubby and Jolyn's bf hooking up. :P

Before going home, Jolyn and I decide to go thank the person who gave us the invites. :)

The other side of the bar is even more packed!!!

People everywhere!!!

Last photo of the babe and I.

Hubby and my tags.

I'll remember this day.
The day I broke my heels and my feet hurts after walking around the whole day in heels, so hubby piggyback me till we got into a cab. That's like one of the sweetest things he've done for me. Love hubby lots. :)

29 May 2008 : Happy 46th monthiversary darling! :)

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