Friday, September 28, 2007

21.1km in 1hr30mins? crazy!

I received an email regarding, registration confirmation for the Marathon in December.

When I first saw the email, I got a shock!

When did I agree to run 21.1km???

Scrolling down, I notice that at the payment acknowledgement part, they state that I'm running the 10km-women.

so I relax.. thinking it's some typo maybe.. guess what?

I just receive another email an hour ago..

Same heading..

and they state that I'm participating the 21.1km half marathon!!!

Defector knew that I wrote the estimated timing for me to finish the 10km as 1hr 30mins *cross my fingers*. Now given the same timing, they expect me to finish a 21.1km run???


  1. o.O gt call em to double cfm? so weird.. list 2 diff race dist n payment amt.. but reali if end up ned got for e half marathon.. guess jus run wateva u cld bah.. dun reali hav to run thru e whole race.. if reali tired can walk..n rest n when gt str den cont..

  2. I'm not even sure if I can even with 10km loh. :P