Sunday, September 16, 2007

I took 100 photos today.

I'm tired but I'm pretty happy.
Always happy to meet up with friends. =)

Will post those photos when I have the time to re-size them. I hate it when I have a few hundred photos left untouched in my comp. I'm too lazy and my comp is really really slow lah.
Alright. enough whining.

Just wanna briefly thank everyone who was there (by chance or invited).
You girls (& guys) made my day, wonderful.
Would love to have another meet up during your next break maybe. :)
I wanna prepare food, eat food, play mj, drink soju and get high from not enough rest. :P

Parting has never been easy for me. I thank you all for the time spent, the jokes shared & the memories craved. Thank you, and may we gather for more fun soon. ;)

I'll be missing you (all)..

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