Sunday, September 23, 2007

晴天娃娃 (with Chicky's translation below)

门外的桂花香 飘进我的书桌前
我知道该起床 妈再给我两分钟
拉开了窗帘 怎麼是下雨天
把吐司咬碎碎 餵我的狗叫MIKAI
哥哥说你猜猜 今天为什麼下雨

我讨厌下雨天 亲爱的你快出现
不然我 就告诉妈咪你偷牵我的手
我喜欢夏天 你穿背心的感觉
每天 都想念 都很甜

I smell flowers from the outside at my study table.
I know I have to wake up, Mum, please give me 2mins.
Undrawn the curtains, why is today a raining day?

Chew my toast to feed my dog name MIKAI.
My brother ask me to guess why it's raining today.
It's because MIKAI ate the fair-weather day doll.

I hate rainy days, my darling please quickly appear.
If not I'll tell mummy that you secretly held my hand.
I love summer, the feeling of you wearing singlet.
Everyday, I miss it, and it's still sweet.

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