Saturday, September 22, 2007

My first sports bra.

Remember, I had an entry asking you all if I should sign up with ITE for the 10km Standard Chartered Marathon run, 2nd Dec 2007?

I informed ITE about 2-3days late that I wanna join them.
They accepted my "entry".
I guess either they are really nice and kind, or really desperate.

I paid up, and got the receipt. =)

I know of people who paid $50 for the run, I only pay $5 leh. :P

Anyway, it's been more than a month since I signed up and I've not started training yet!

Defector is very worried that I wouldn't be able to take the 10km if I don't start now, so he took me out to run.

I have the urge to go shopping.
but I've already got my running shoes and socks sometime in January.
I've got FBT shorts a long long time ago.
and I'm just gonna wear any t-shirt I can find.
What else do I need?

arh~ I know le...

I dragged Defector out to buy my very first sports bra.

I bought this NIKE one. and I kinda regret it..

It's so expensive!!!


After buying I saw a Reebok one selling at $35 only leh! :(
My pocket!!! *sobbing*

We went to the gym near his place, and I ran/walked for about 4km.
Today, my leg muscle pain... :(

Now I'm wondering when's my next "training".. :p


  1. o.O hw come din go queensway buy lols.. gt at least 15% off i think haha.. hmm tot dey will distribute event kit b4 e race.. includin a shirt or sth.. but nt sure isit running vest or jus t-shirt..

  2. We were in a rush mah.. T-shirt's for training wear mah..

  3. everyone wants to see your sports bra...

  4. ehhh you went shopping!!!
    whens our turn... i want buy stuff too!!


  5. Defector: Funny right?

    Lynn: When are you free? I'll be broke soon..

    Anon: Not enough sleep? Me too..