Thursday, September 13, 2007

What to put in the kitchen?

How about Aluminum Cabinets?
Would you put aluminum cabinets in your kitchen?

I would think, I just might!

Let's work this out..
If I were to use those plastic type of cabinet to store away those pots and pans. Would it catch fire? Melt in my hot kitchen? Would those oil and dirt, stick to my plastic cabinet?
*imagine the smell of burning plastic* eeew...

If I decide to fix wooden cabinets in my kitchen. Would termites love my cabinet so much that they decide to build their house right in my kitchen? Will moisture in the air cause my cabinet to rot? *imagine termites in my kitchen* eeew....

If I use other type of metal cabinets. Will it rust? I hate rust, they make everything looks so old and used and dirty. I do not want a dirty-looking kitchen!

People are starting to choose aluminum cabinets because they don't rust and they look great!
If I could, I just might put's aluminum cabinet line in my kitchen.

I would definitely choose a nice shade of pink but they only have white, black and red.
White looks posh but I'm afraid that it'll get dirty.

Anyway, to me, the most important feature in the kitchen are the cabinets. why?
If they are placed too high up, I can't reach. If there are no cabinets, I wouldn't know where to keep my pots and pans and canned food!!! What would a kitchen be like without cabinets?

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