Monday, September 24, 2007

How to get my readers to come back?

I think I've been a bitch.
I post a quite a few sponsored post and now my readers have gone MIA. :(
No one leave comments anymore.
Heck, nobody even want to visit :(

Maybe I should..
post photos of hot girls?
or comment on sensitive issues?
or spend money to advertise
or post lots of act cute photos of uglyfatchick?

Can anyone tell me how to get my readers back?
Then again. maybe I never really had many readers in the first place. :(


  1. But I thought your sport bra entry got quite alot of pong? Maybe everyone see liao speechless. :P

  2. -.- I guess only SEX related stuffs sells huh?

  3. haha thats how internet works especially for singapore?