Wednesday, September 19, 2007 (Lighting)

Do you know that home lighting is one of the most important thing in your house?

While you paint your walls and decorate with all your favourite furniture, according to the theme of your choice. Then suddenly you realise, that you've got really ugly looking lamps or the light fixtures you used to have doesn't suit your room at all.

You wouldn't want that now, do you?

Anyway, I came across this site call In their online store, there are thousands of unique light fixtures for you to choose from! so hot right?

They have really lots of lighting manufacturers, thus they have the largest selection available online! You can choose to search for the lights by style or brand or use their search feature to "save time" and find the lights (of your dreams) for your office/restaurant/bedroom!

Do you know what I like?
I like their Chandeliers. Who says chandeliers must be super huge and heavy with "crystals"? They have really nice and neat chandeliers too! =)

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