Friday, September 28, 2007

I didn't cheat your money

I feel a kinda guilty that I'm using my blog to earn money.
but what else can I do?
When you see many sponsored post within a week, it really means : "I've overspent and need money to "cover" my over-spending."

Most people don't believe me when I say I'm actually earning money thru my blog.
not to mention the more I try to explain, the less they believe me. *am I that unbelieveable?*

Many people doubt me whenever I say I've drawn money out from my paypal.

Drawing out my third SGD200.00. -I think I can smell the money!!

If I draw out less than SGD200 they would charge me $1, so I always wait till I've SGD200 in there, then I draw out. :)

Sometimes people tried to set up their own blog and try to make money. but when they fail or couldn't make as much as I do, they accuse me of lying.

so please people. DO NOT click on the "review my blog" button to get an instant $7.50 oppotunity. Because I hate it when people do that and say that I "cheat their money".

payperpost, blogsvertise are free to join, so how did I cheat your money??

argh. what's wrong with these people?


  1. and how did u cheat their money when the money paid out to u wasn't theirs in the first place?


  2. yah. totally. sometimes they make me wanna laugh. really.

  3. lol dun care wat those ignorant/silly ppl say :P

  4. Which is why I'm glad most of my friends are smarter than that. =)