Thursday, September 13, 2007

Interesting fact discovered by Ah Lian.

One day, Ah Lian (Girlfriend) was talking to Ah Beng (Boyfriend).
Here's their conversation..

Ah Lian: Darling, you know hor, "SONY" is shorter than "ENERGIZER" leh.

Ah Beng: Of Cause lah! You think only you know ABC ah? I also know.
"SONY" only 4 words, "ENERGIZER" got 9 words leh.
(He actually meant alphabets)

*Ah Lian smacks Ah Beng on his head*

Ah Lian: No lah, see there.

*Ah Lian points to bed*

Ah Beng: Why are they doing on your bed?

Ah Lian: Comparing who longer loh.

*Ah Beng moves closer*

Ah Beng: Wah your eye very sharp leh!

This is what he saw...


*Go get your own batteries and put them on the table. you'll see the difference.
It's quite huge really. =)

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