Sunday, September 9, 2007

Schedule book from Taiwan.

Defector's sister went Taiwan and she got this for me!

*watery eyes*
I'm so touched..
She remembers me!
Really got heart (有心) !

Not sure if she reads my blog, but I still want to say:

Dates from August 2007 to December 2008.
I like the pictures.. really cute! =)

and I thought it's just like an normal diary sort of thing. but it's not ok!
It has many many interesting items in it.

The normal stuffs are year, month, day schedules, notes, class schedules, address book..

The interesting stuffs..
Chinese calender.
Maps (North, Central, South, East-West)
Trains timetable! (YES, timings for the trains! Which has the whole list of stations and where it'll go, what time it'll reach kinda thing.)
Kaohsiung lines route map, Taipei subway map..
Recipes! *drools*
Health tips!
Daily: things not-to-do tips.
Special day remembrance notes. (this one's really special don't know how to explain..)

Everything in 1 small book.
arh.. I'm so blessed..
*goes to sleep with smile*

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