Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Japanese Pasta at Shokudo 18 May 2008

OMG, this post is like 1+ week late. :P

Met up with ShaXiaoMei and JS last last Sunday Night.
Hubby also around.. So it's the four of us again! hahas. Like everytime also four of us hor? :p
ShaXiaoMei gave me a DVD with Maplestory cause I can't seem to download maplestory.

Met up at cine to have dinner. We waited for JS until very hungry.
Had craving for Korean food but no nice Korean food nearby (the Heeren one close le. *sad sad*) then I was sooo hungry that I guess any nice food also can lah. We end up choosing this place call Shokudo. They serve Japanese Pasta and Japanese Pizza. No one in our group tried the Pizza though..

Because of some glitch in their network or something, somehow everyone's orders didn't get the kitchen. So, we had to wait somemore for our order!!! faints...

hahas.. Hubby's food came first..

His Pasta. Looks better in life lah, because I'm a lazy and lousy photographer, anyhow snap snap snap.. so look like plastic right? hees..

Sha Xiao Mei and my Ice Lemon Tea.. :)

Eek.. Cheese!!! see the tiny pot thingy? It's syrup for our Ice lemon Teas. :)

Sha Xiao Mei's Omelette Pasta! :)

Yummylishes seaweed wages! ;)

Wasabi Prawns.

My beef duno what Pasta! hees..

How come don't have JS's pasta?
Cause I was sooo hungry, I forget to take photo of it! By the time I remember, only left a bit of the salmon. -.-

While waiting for food and for bill, they kept making me laugh lah.
And when they make me laugh, I always laugh until cry one..
So paiseh lah.

Four of us share 1 desert! Chocolate ice-cream wafer. Don't know if it's because we share or what.. it's very very yummy. :)

一人一半 感情不散 一人一素故 感情才會久

Just like that, we spent about 2 hours at Shokudo.
After dinner, we went to lvl 9? to play games at E2Max.
Sha Xiao Mei treat us play Audition. I kept losing. :(
I got no hand eye co-ordination one loh, see arrow point up/down I press right/left. -.-

She Xiao Mei and I.

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