Friday, May 9, 2008

My 20th Birthday Present (2)

I've been wanting to do it for a long long time. Everyone's been telling me not to do it. I've been keeping it for quite sometime and once I do it, it'll never be the same again. My mum was totally against it. But I really can't help it. It's too bloody hot. So hot it's making me feel sick already.

So last Sun, 3rd May 2008, hubby decide to give it to me and let me do whatever I want.. He says it'll be my best 20th birthday present!

The last time you're seeing my innocent face.

After many hours and effort put into it, I'm a satisfied little girl.
This is one rather special present from hubby that I can bring around with me everywhere I go.

Haircut and hair treatment at Salon4hair at Suntec.

I've got a pretty good hairstylist. Forgot to get his name but if I really gonna do big changes to my hair again, I'll go back there. :)

Talking about big changes.
I had the chance to get a free hair makeover and be featured in the July issue of a certain female magazine. But they called 1 day late! Haiz.. so wasted loh. If not I'll get FREE makeover leh. then hubby don't have to waste money and time on me..


  1. so prettyayee

    erm remember i was talking about cards.that suntec privilege card i have got some disc laa.

  2. happy birthday!!
    pretty!!!nice cut!!~~

  3. Kiamchai, how I know you have. Anyway Cleo magazine also have discounts and starhub birthday also got discounts. but then I think it's only for those very new hairstylist. :P

    Wenn, Thanks! :)

  4. You're way to Beuuuuuuu-ti-ful girl.