Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sorry to Felicia and Vincent

Too tired to blog yesterday..
So here it is...


Dearest The Felicia,
I wish that you'll always be pretty and young and cute and witty and happy and funny and.. yes, ENJOY YOUR YOUTH! ;)
You know, I'm secretly jealous that you've a bunch of very close family and friends. :)

Dear Vincent,
13 this year, please read more books and improve your English can? I know your sister's English is very lousy, but yours really cannot cmi you know??? I don't want you to get into trouble for using the wrong choice of words on people. Like cheap and cheapo means different things you know.. and yellowish hair and blond is also different!!! I don't want people to laugh at you like how people laugh at me. And please stop fighting with your brothers and also stop them from fighting can??? I'm going crazy! Okay. This is supposed to be a birthday wish but I end up nagging. -.-

So, I wish that you'll grow up and be more sensible and meet nice friends and have good grades and stop making me angry!

Happy 17th Birthday to Felicia and 13th Birthday to Vincent.