Friday, May 16, 2008

Cheap and Entertaining Birthday.

Because we were cheapos ran out of spare cash, I decide to treat hubby to free movie!
Yes you read right, FREE MOVIE!

Hubby caught What Happens In Vegas at Golden Village (Great World City) for free and I didn't need to pay for his tickets. Don't believe me? Check out our tickets.

Because I'm a gv card member, I get a 1 for 1 voucher during my birthday month to watch movie at GV. I only need to pay for my own movie ticket, which means I spent only S$7.50 for both of us! :)

Next, we took neoprints for entertainment.
Most neoprint machines/shops charge between S$8 to S$12.
I can't remember if we paid $3 or $4 for ours.

Who says Birthday celebrations need to be very expensive to be entertaining and fun??? ;)

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