Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Winner of Yebber Photo Hunt #01

In April, I joined a contest called Yebber Photo Hunt #01.
It wasn't too difficult and I manage to find/spot all the 3 photos in the huge gallery. Since it wasn't too difficult, I guess I thought I wouldn't be so lucky to get picked so I totally forgot about it.

When I log in yesterday, I realised I seem to have an additional Y$100 in my account. After a quick check on yebber's blog, I realised I'm a winner! And I've won for myself, 100 Yebber dollars!!! Yipee!!! :)

With the current Exchange Rate of Y$1 = S$0.0664, it means I just won for myself, S$6.64! Pretty soon, I'll be able to cash out my yebber dollars! woohoo!!! :)
I Heart Yebber

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