Friday, May 9, 2008

My boyfriend pissed me off on my Birthday. :(

I feel the need to rant lah!!!

On my birthday, he actually forget to wish me, until I told him he didn't wish me yet. -.-
Where got people's boyfriend like that one???
Anyway, from 12-1, I was crying to myself loh. sounds very stupid. but I really felt super lonely.

Since he worked till very late on the 8th, I decide to be nice and forgive him.
Then on the 9th, after work, I just wanted to talk to him, but he's too busy with work.
After work, he go out with his friend (with my permission) to have a drink.

It just makes me more sad when people ask me (on msn/or in person)
"Friday, you birthday, where's your boyfriend taking you?"
"why are you at home?"
"not celebrating with your boyfriend?"

See. I told you he is a bad boyfriend ok. not nice like what you all think loh.
He always bully me. "sour" me.

You all don't always say he very good hor. Now he thinks he's the best boyfriend in the world, then think that forgetting to wish me is just a minor mistake. Which can be cover up by all the good he has done in the past!!!

See. You all "pamper" him too much liao and "shower him with compliments". Now he thinks I'm being FUSSY and IMMATURE liao loh.

*pout, cross arms and face away from the monitor*


  1. hey~ nice haircut u've got ^^

  2. lol, maybe you should break up with him or something.. forgetting your gf's birthday was never a minor mistake...

  3. Why did you give him permission to go drinking? Should stop him mah.

  4. Anon1, Thanks! :)

    Jester, He didn't forget it's my birthday. He just forget to wish me!

    Anon2, He haven met up with that friend for a long while le mah..