Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My girl friend miss me! (This post is very random)

Below is an print-screen of a msn conversation between a friend and I.

She misses me! :p

Anyway, some many days ago, while at FEP, I bought 3 pairs of earring at this shop called Watt's In. 3 for $5. Damn cute lah. I meant the earrings I choosed. :p

There are 127 people in the NOMINEE LIST now.
I'm so far way from my goal of getting into top10 lah. :(

Support Yi Xuan Feng!

Here are the posts relating to my 20th Birthday.. :)
Happy Birthday to Me.
My 20th Birthday Present (1)
My 20th Birthday Present (2)
My 20th Birthday Present (3 & 4)
My boyfriend pissed me off on my Birthday. :(

There's another post coming up maybe in June lols. I've got no time to edit the photos. There are like hundreds of them. Got to find the nice onces and resize them before posting. :)

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