Thursday, May 15, 2008

OMG it's Mid Year already!

Time pass so fast, it seems like it's only New year's Eve not too long ago and now we're almost in the middle of 2008 already!!!

I thought we're still like in march or something you know.
Time seriously pass by much faster when you're OLD!!!
On the bright side, Christmas will be here soon! :P

I've got so much plans for the year.
Now, I'm just waiting for things to be confirmed.
Let's hope I'll get good results eh? ;)

Been working as an Accounts cum Sales Assistant for a month now.
Met new people and learned some new stuffs in this pass 1 month.
Ok make it quite a lot of new stuffs. hahas.

Hubby has been spending a lot of time at work and on his studies. Poor boy. Still have exams.. Which reminds me.. I need to go check out the schools and their prices soon. I want to do short courses to have fun improve myself.

Okie.. Shall stop here. Got to wake up early later.
So many things to blog about, just no time at all!!!

I must make time for my blog! :)

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