Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me.

Is this sunshine after the rain?
I received a whole series of bad news one after another.
I couldn't blog about those unhappy events when they happen, because my Personal Computer went down (which is also one of the unhappy events).

I've gotten back my computer and am starting to feel less moody now. :)
Other than being nominated, I also won SGD6.64 from a photo hunt contest.

I guess this is sunshine.

But to tell you honestly, I'm not in the mood to be happy at all.
It's my birthday. I've got to work. Even on the next day which is a Saturday.
I'm feeling all pissed up, just cause I feel like I'm such a failure.
20 years old and I've achieved nothing.


  1. Cheer up. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday...
    May the year ahead brings you loads of happiness and love...

  3. dk, felicia, uncle david, Thanks! :)