Sunday, May 4, 2008

Personal computer down yet again.

Realised I didn't update since last week?
My computer kapu-ed on me. The motherboard died. lols. Or at least that's what I thought it should be. Anyway, will know what went wrong after hubby send it to repair at HP. Makes me doubt HP's computer. Or maybe I'm just the really unlucky one. -.-

I've received some birthday presents already! Very very touched! :)
It's like about a week away. Ok ok, right now it's only a few days away! :p

So far, the present which have "touched" me most is from a famous blogger in another country! and it comes with a super chio and unique handmade card! by the blogger herself!!!

Will blog about them when I get my computer back!
Hopefully before my birthday! :(

Alright. Got to go.
My eyebags used to put 4 books, now can put 10 books already! :(
Ok, hubby is so gonna say I'm so lame and then proceed to complain that I drink so little water and sleep so late at night. Boys. so insensitive. -.-

Talking about boys.. It' 5th May already!
Kenneth's Birthday!
hahas. 12th birthday. Big boy liao loh.. hopefully he'll grow up and not grow horizontally like me! :(


  1. Hopefully you can get your PC fixed soon. I personally had pretty bad experience with HP Support...

    Took them more that 3 weeks to log a ticket and even longer to resolve (till now not solved yet) a problem.

  2. You got them already?
    Yeah!!!! Thanks Mr. Postman!

    Hope you like it lor, since I'm on a tight budget so I can only make you something instead of buying...

    Paiseh ah.

  3. Kriscell, I guess I'm pretty lucky, both times they fixed it rather fast. Just that it'll be better if there wasn't any problem at all!

    Nonnie the King!!!
    I love it! It's more thoughtful than anything! :) My mum says your handwriting very small lol. My maid says your sewing work is very well done. :)