Monday, May 19, 2008

Should I stop blogging here?

I know I've asked a million times.
(Okay, maybe it's far from a million but you get what I mean.)

Sometimes I feel very tired.
No, not of blogging.
But of not being able to blog freely anymore.

Blog for traffic, blog for money, blog for blog, blog for people.
My blog is so easily "find-able", that I could no longer bitch on my blog without thinking I might make anyone angry or get sued or what.

I feel old.
I think adults doesn't show how they feel. They just keep everything to themselves. It's social suicide if you "wash your dirty liner in public". Or you're being mean if you say something bad about other people.

You know, I fear the day, when you can no longer read my silliness or read me grumble about my life. The day when blogging become so monotonous that you don't feel my feelings. That I can no longer feel and become emotionless. That I'll become numb to the world. Argh. I think I'm starting not to make any sense.

Do you understand?

Haiz. I think I'm really going mad.
I'm talking to my blog! -.-


  1. Don't worry. You're not mad. I talk to my blog all the time, since I don't have much "friends" and everything. Haha.