Thursday, November 13, 2008

11th Pack of Free Samples

Zoo Trip part 7 is scheduled to a later date.
It's not due to the recent White Tiger attack lah! -.-''

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Here's everything in my 11th Pack of Samples. :)

5 items cause the Skin Renewal Gel is supposed to come with pack number 10 but they accidentally missed out. Thumbs up to them for the quick rectification and now I get to test it. :)

Title: Sansho Skin Renewal Gel
Rated: 3/5
Like: Removes deadskin without pain.
Dislike: Doesn't remove blackheads.
Main Review: It effectively removes quite a lot of what appears to be deadskin but doesn't work on my stubborn blackheads though. I prefer this to the marvel gel from ginvera?. At least after using it, my face doesn't hurt. If your main concern is deadskin I think you might like it. My main concern is my very stubborn blackheads, so I don't think I'll get this product.
Will I Buy It: No

Title: CURE Natural Aqua Jel
Rated: 4/5
Like: Removes deadskin w/o pain, easy application
Dislike: Doesn't remove blackheads
Main Review: Similar to the Sansho Renewal Gel, this Jel also removes deadskin without the pain I get after using the Ginvera marvel gel. But I personally feel that this CURE is better than the Sansho one because it's very easy to apply. When you pump out it's gel form, once you apply on your face it's like liquid like that. Very easy to smooth on. Only minus point is that I still have those stubborn blackheads. I think I'm stuck with stawberry nose for the rest of my life. :(
Will I Buy It: No

Title: Skinfood Oat Cinnamon Rich Foam
Rated: 3/5
Like: Natural smell, scrub & not too drying.
Dislike: It's not cheap.
Main Review: The natural smell, makes me feel at ease while using. I also like the gentle feel of the scrub and the not too drying feel. It's a pity that it doesn't really suit my oily combination skin and also a little bit expensive. :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Naturenu Honey Mango Body Butter
Rated: 4/5
Like: Smell and non-sticky feel
Dislike: Not much effect.
Main Review: I like the smell, was a bit hesitant to grab this sample when I read reviews saying that the smell is very strong. I find it alright if I use on my legs and arms. It's not too bad. It's my first time using body butter and I find it not easy to spread everywhere like lotion. But also because of the not easy to spread, I can slowly apply to my skin and find my skin being loved. :p But I find that there's not much moisturising effect on the skin. Maybe I should buy one to try using and see if it does work if used long term. :)
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask
Rated: 3/5
Like: Warm and the natural smell.
Dislike: Doesn't clear my stubborn blackheads.
Main Review: I'm still looking for anything that can help me clear those stubborn blackheads. This mask smells really nice to me. The "scrub" feels alright but if you massage too hard it's a little painful. I like the warm warm feeling when you first put it on but it doesn't seem to last long and I'm not sure what it really does to my skin. Glad that it's quite gentle and didn't hurt my skin, I guess it's pretty good as a normal scrub that smells really good. But nah, I wouldn't buy it cause I'm still searching for my perfect blackhead remover mask and of coz it's also not very cheap you know. :p
Will I Buy It: No

You can grab these samples too.

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