Saturday, November 15, 2008

Taiwan drama craze..

I've been so into watching Taiwan Dramas.
Friday night/Saturday morning I was waiting for Pi Li MIT Ep 2 to be uploaded on to youtube until 1plus.

Now I'm watching Hot Shot (籃球火) !!
Thought I wouldn't like Hot Shot but it's not too bad lehs.
Xiao Zhu is very cute & very funny!!! :p

Now blogging while waiting for Hot Shot Ep 6 to load.
Tired!! Hees..

Hot Shot the storyline a tiny bit similar to slam dunk the comic book hor? Got Liu Chuan Feng or something like that? Then again I read the comic book like 8-10 years ago.. Don't remember that much liao.. -.-''

Oh yah, Just now gave my brothers their Christmas presents, hope they like what I got for them. They don't like also no choice loh! :p

Think all the parts loaded liao, I go take water, come back continue watch a bit.

Will blog again soon lah. Must miss me oh. :p


  1. Dramas?? You're ogling the guys right ;)

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