Monday, November 3, 2008

Hubby and I's Virgin Zoo Visit Part 3

Zoo Visit Part 1
Zoo Visit Part 2

After seeing the shy Proboscis Monkey who kept his face away from my camera the entire time & also the turtles who are erm.. in heat, we went on to look at other animals..

These Asian Small-clawed Otters are really cute but they are really smelly also!!! -.-''
And they swim really fast! It's so hard to capture them when they swim, on camera.

Next we saw the White Tigers! They are really pretty.
Hubby says they look like they are trying to jump over to our side.. scary..

Do you know that Pygmy Hippo is also known as the Underwater Ballerina of West Africa?
There were so many people in the mini shelter that I had to squeeze in to take a photo. At the side are photos of some long neck turtles? and yes at the bottom, that is a photo of me comparing myself to a BIG fish.

Yes, as you can see from the information board, it started to drizzle again. -.-''
It's like so sunny and I don't see any dark clouds but there's still this weird drizzling..
Yes, they poo-ed everywhere in their own den and it's really stinky here as well.

Kangaroos! OMG, I'm shorter than a Kangaroo! -.-
And no, that is not a dress, it's a top and I'm wearing this white shorts underneath but I don't know why it can't be seen. -.-''

I don't know why I hear a lot of tourist keep saying this is a peacock. -.-
This is not a peacock, it's emu or something. :p

Yes, this is also NOT a peacock, this one I think it's called Cassowary or something.

For individual photos click here.

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