Monday, November 24, 2008

Hubby and I's Virgin Zoo Visit Part 7 (Last)

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Recap a little.. In the previous part, we went to Children's world..
There were many small animals, a Kampung House and some water slides for kids to play. :)

This is the last part, yes the ending!

After we came out of the Children's World, we decide that it's time for us to go back to rest.
On our way, we saw some really lazy Chimpanzees. -.-

We also saw the late Ah Meng's statue..

We saw some Penguins preparing for show. :)

One of the birds look like it's scared. It's shivering.. Poor thing. :(

Butterfly Walk, we went in snap a few photos and came out le.
Cause I didn't see any butterfly. :(

One bird = Eight Pigs = One Woman!!!

These 2 pig-deer don't know why suddenly fight. -.-''

Do you know which animals is Tapir related to?
Answer: Horse, Rhino & Zebra!

Finally we got out of the Zoo! :)

Non-collaged photos (Part 7): here.


  1. Don't understand...why is one bird so valuable?

  2. Look at part 3's last photo...

    I think maybe cause that bird very big and rare?