Friday, November 7, 2008

Hubby and I's Virgin Zoo Visit Part 5

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Zoo Visit Part 2
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Zoo Visit Part 4

This will be a quick part 5 because I am very tired after editing all the photos!

It's freaking hot so we kept walking before we got burnt, so I didn't take that many photos..
but this little boy with the Zebra is cute right? :)

Giraffe. I don't like them. Why they so tall?
They're neck so long not tired meh? How they sleep?

Big Cats! At first I thought only 1 male, 1 female lion, end up actually got 2 female and 1 male lion! The male Lion so lucky right? :p

Hubby and I found secret hidding place!
This place got air-con and got no other people de!! :) See we so happy? :p
Oh by the way, I can't see any lion from the gallery. -.-''

I don't know why this leopard like to hug the tree.. I think it's sleeping. -.-

Ocelet - look like small cat to me?

Do you know this is actually a Jaguar?? Hubby and I always thought Jaguar is Black colour de. -.-'' Yes, I don't know why this one also like to hug tree. -.-

Bigger photos here.

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