Monday, November 17, 2008

Fei Lun Hai at IMM on 16/11/08

Alright, good news! I "pia" finnish Hot Shot liao! In just a couple of days I manage to watch finish the whole series. Okay only 16 Episodes, but still.. I have to work lah, go on dates lah. really busy de k.. :p

"pia" - also known as "chiong" or rush.

16 November 2008 (Sunday)
Hubby decide to be super sweet, to go IMM with me just to let me take a look at the boys. We spend a couple of hours there sweating and waiting for them. End up my Da Dong didn't come leh. :( I'm damn sad lah. :( Let the pictures do the talking..

Waiting for the boys..

The security people keep chasing these people down.
Oh yes, we're damn far back and even after I climb on top of hubby still cannot see much shit. I hate being short larhs!~ :( And I also cannot hear them cleary. :(

First 2 photos is the host on stage and the next few are photos of the 3 boys taken by my shaky hands when I'm on top of hubby.. -.-

Photo taken by hubby, editing by me. So sads I'm too far away so can't tell you how cute Arron is or how "pretty" Wu Zun is.. :( I want backstage passes! *sobsob*

Oh yah, I didn't take that many photos cause I forget to charge my camera battery and also we left pretty soon after I didn't see Da Dong.. I'm still feeling a tiny bit moody. Nah. I'm still alright. I'm not a super big fan lah. Just like to see pretty boys cannot ah? lalala~

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