Monday, November 3, 2008

Hubby and I's Virgin Zoo Visit Part 4

Zoo Visit Part 1
Zoo Visit Part 2
Zoo Visit Part 3

Yes, I took a lot of photos! When I said I was going to blog in parts, I wasn't kidding! Cause there are really too many photos! And nope, this is not the last part yet...

So in the previous post there were Smelly Otters, Underwater Ballerinas and Kangaroos taller than yours truly..

In part 4, I've lots of Baboons. Yes, those red butt monkeys! *giggles*
They have so much similarity with humans, making it quite enjoyable to watch them. :)

Apologise for the blur photos, cause I was walking and snapping away. :p

Some of the monkeys.. My favourite is the blur photo of the monkey drinking water, kinda artistic. lalala~

Top left corner, is a photo of a "daddy" and his kids. :)
Right top and bottom photo is some Deers or something. :p They were on this hill thingy and so so far away from us. Can hardly see them.. -.-

See I told ya they are somewhat like humans liao. :)

I notice mummy and daddy monkeys likes to hold their kid's tail to prevent them from running away. There's one very naughty little monkey who keep running away and the dad keep pulling his tail and drag him away. Very funny. It's a pity I didn't got it on video. :(

That's about it for the Baboons. I'm not sure what these are called, but they are really shy. Keep running and hiding, but their den is kinda one circle? so no matter how they hide I can always go the other side to see them. hahas. Cute.

This 2 little fellas looks like they are going to fight like that. Very cute loh.
And the 2 tortoise hor, I duno why they are there also. Like very weird. -.-

Little Goat and Mummy Goat. The mummy goat is very smart, at first she was laying down and I had a hard time taking her photo. Then when I bend down to take photo she stood up like as though she knows I need her to stand up to be able to take her photo. :) Cute hor?

More BIG Fishes! Honestly I think if I fall in sure die de loh. They all so big size. -.-

Powder Puff. Very chio right?
I love my camera a lot! Let me take so chio de photos. :p

By this time I'm a little tired and very hot ah. Hubby sweating like don't know what, so we bought Ice-Cream. Their Ice-Cream very expensive!!! But see hubby's face you know how much he enjoys the ice-cream liao.. hahas.

For bigger photos: Click here.

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