Sunday, November 9, 2008

8th - 9th Nov 08 - Weekend Update.

This is an update of my weekend. :)

8th November 2008
Saturday at 2am, Shaxiaomei on msn intro 1 show to me.
We watched 1 episode on youtube until 4am. Then she went to sleep, I blogged and went to sleep also.

Went to work as usual, the new staff went to the other showroom to learn from our most experienced sales staff, boss came down to help out.

And I got a present leh!

Hahas. Not from Boss lah, but from the girl who's leaving, her last day is Sunday..

My Name. :)

Tada~ This is my present! :)

Hubby came down to pick me up from work. Poor hubby waited quite sometime while I served a last min customer until around 8.45, took a cab home and I went to bathe.

Hubby watched a bit of the show which I watched "in the morning" while waiting for me to bathe & get ready to go out. We went out at around 10pm to eat dinner! Went to our favourite supper place, eat full full and took a cab to Great World City. All the shops were closed by then, so we went to the arcade to play some games while waiting for our show to start at 11.40pm.

Quantum of Solace. I like. :)

After the movie, we went back home to sleep loh.
I got bitten twice on my knee and thigh by 1 small ant and it's really pain and itchy. :(
Played abit of DS before I sleep. Oh yah, hubby pass me back my DS so I'm playing with it now. :p

9th November 2008
Sunday, hubby woke me up early because he need to go Beach Road to get some stuffs.
We went there to eat our brunch before going up to get his things. But before he bought his stuffs, we went to a shop and I bought a new backpack. :)

Decide to pass on my old green Deuter backpack to my brother so I have to buy one to "replace" mah.. Actually the previous week we went to a few places but just couldn't find any deuter bags. :(

Uncle give me 20% discount, if I'm not wrong price can push lower de, but cause I'm very tired we decide to just take the price he give me loh. Can hear my wallet and heart go ouch ouch ouch?

After hubby bought his stuffs, we went to Bugis to walk walk while waiting for sms reply from JS. Don't know why no reply de. -.- Anyway we walked walked walked until very very tired loh!!

Hubby buy for me 1 DVD let me watch during my "rest period" before I start school.
I know it's going to be shown on tv soon, but I will miss it de, so buy loh, since now got promo, $15.

Then we went to the neoprint shop to take neoprint, it's been a while since we last took neoprints.. Anyway the machine there sucks lah. Cheat our money de. Even though no one use the machine, we got no time to edit our photos de loh! At start show 108 or 208secs, 5-6secs later become left 20secs. -.-''

While waiting for our neoprint to come out..

Hubby Designed. :)

Yes, I supposed to design this but it turn out plain because I cannot find the stuffs I want to put. -.-''

We also went to Bugis village, I'm looking for a nailart shop which I last time read reviews say they are quite good. They also got do eyebrow shaping de, but end up I think they moved le, find half the place cannot find. :(

Walked back to Bugis there to eat some snacks. Since JS didn't reply, we decide to go back to rest.

Dropped by my house area there the salon to shape my eyebrows first, den go home sleep.
Hubby went off at 7pm and I'm blogging this at 4am because my period is here and I'm having this really bad cramp and cannot sleep. :(

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