Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mini Tiny Majong & early Christmas pressie for...

I bought mini tiny Majong tiles for JS's Chalet Gathering.
End up didn't use at all. :(

Comes in a cute little red box, just like those normal sized ones. :)

Muackz these tiles, hope they give me luck ah.. :)

Very mini tiny hor? :)

Even the dice also so cute! But I just realised, I don't have the chips!!! Oops.
Where to find so small and cute de chips? Hmm..

My Christmas pressie to the five of us in 012. :P

Kinda forced the rest of them to wear it out for breakfast the next day.
I feel so warm loh.. Not only because the weather is warm.. also because they are so sweet lah..
Willing to wear the sweaters out with me. :p

Imagine 5 of us wear same design sweaters and walk together.. hee..

Alright that's all for today, I got to go rest, meeting my Sha Xiao Mei later for lunch.
I'm feeling hungry!

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