Monday, November 3, 2008

Hubby and I's Virgin Zoo Visit Part 2

Alright. So the weather wasn't that great. In fact it was drizzling when we set off from my parent's house in the south part of Singapore. I had that "we must go no matter what" feeling and off we went despite the weather.

By the time we reach the ZOO at around 11.20am, the warm, humid and slight drizzling weather welcomed us. And the entrance is super duper packed!!! The queue was so long I nearly didn't want to go in. :( We queued all the way to the end near the carpark and I thought we wouldn't be able to get in before 12.

We must thank our Lucky Stars, cause after queuing for about a few mins, a really kind Auntie with her daughter were looking for 2 people to bring in with them. She had complimentary tickets and they can bring another 2 person in for FREE! woo woot~

There were so many people and we were chosen! Lucky or what? :p
The best part? We didn't need to queue at all! We just follow them and walk in as if we owned the place. Like VIP like that! muahahaha~

After entering, we went separate ways with the really kind Auntie and Daughter.
*Hope they win 4D/Toto/Lucky Draw. For being so kind to us. :)

We took a map from the lady at the entrance and off we go to explore the zoo! :)

First few animals we saw.. :)

The mousedeer was hiding and it's really difficult to capture a nice photo of it. :(
2 Siamang were resting on the branches. They were like so far away lah. :(

Giant Asian Pond Turtle. Yes, I believe they are mating or something. -.-
There was this mummy who took her kid there, she saw the sign and told her son: "Look, there is a turtle." When she saw the 2 turtles, she literally screamed: What are they doing???. -.-''

Proboscis Monkey. Look like hubby mah? :p

For bigger photos, click here.


  1. Hey, I have submitted your review to my website. We are aggregating what bloggers are saying about places!

    I helped you give the zoo a 3 star rating...not sure if thats what u want. if you want to change, just let me know. thanks!

  2. how about night safari!!
    ive been wanting to go there.
    okay, so random.


  3. day zoo is more fun..
    night safari not much to too dark..

    birdpark is also very nice!!!

    will like to visit again``

    great photos taken~~cheers

  4. Zhou wenhan: Hi, I guess I'm alright with the 3 star rating. :p

    Kiamchai: I also wanted to go, until I find out that cannot take those flash photo inside de. and hor go there is to see animals sleep. -.- I got slight night blindness. cannot lah.

    Wenn: Thanks ah. All credit to my camera. She's very good ah. My hubby say birdpark very smelly leh. :p

  5. haha..birdpark smelly?haha..
    i think all animals smelly bah.haha

    but birdpark have the bird feeding,those cuties will fly on our hand when feed..super shiok!!!