Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pink Kabuki Brush

I swapped 2 pink hairbands with a girl in Canada for this brush. :)

My pink kabuki brush! :)

All the way from Canada.. :p

I don't really know how to use it, so now it's in my mini drawer.. Waiting for me to use her. :p


  1. Nah.. The girl emailed me after seeing my wishlist on my blogshop. :)

  2. So how much did u pay for ur postage for sending 2 hairbands to her?

    Aiyo, I din see ur wishlist or else I wld hv offered to buy one brand new one back from Canada for u cos I just returned from there. It's not ex there, and there are many brands and kinds.

    Is ur kabuki brush made of real animal hair or synthetic?

  3. If I didn't remember wrongly, I only paid $1 for postage. She paid more than me loh. But this brush should be synthetic and it's really dry and not very comfortable. :(

  4. Only $1 to send 2 hairbands to Canada?!! Lucky u! Did the girl receive the hairbands? I tot it wld have cost more than tat to send to Canada.

    Maybe it's some lousy animal hair tat's not smooth? Kabuki is specially use for applying mineral makeup so try using tat to dust on the mineral powders :)

  5. LOL how's your html programming skills?

    We need a SWAP-Site, all the unwanted Christmas presents :)