Monday, November 10, 2008

I love my new boots!

Look what I got from my previous spree..

White Boots.

Black Boots.

I'm crazy over boots lately and these 2 pairs cost about $25-$35 each pair. I saw a shop in Bugis selling the white one but didn't go check out their price. :p 1-2 years back when I was searching for boots in FEP, I think 1 pair of boots cost around $49.90-$99.90 like that. -.-''

Yes I know they look the same to you but actually they are a tiny bit different. The white one has this cushioning thingy on top and is a tiny tiny bit longer than the black one.. And the lace for the white one is a bit thicker also. :p

Got one colleague say I have pig totters. Whatever.
I never said I am pretty, slim and chio what, I only say I think I'm very cute! :p

Missing my friends and hubby...


  1. OMG are those boots for real???

    BTW finally figured the link had to add rss.xml to make it work :)

  2. Nah.. These are barbie's shoes. lalala~ :p

    My boots are so cute right? I know just like me. :p

  3. Can i have the url of the blogshop? I've been looking for boots like this too! Saw it retailing somewhere but it cost $49.90 -.-

  4. Erm sorry my friend's not organising sprees now. You can try to google boots spree and see if other people are doing any spree?

  5. the boots is cute~~
    like the white one~~very jap~~