Saturday, May 21, 2005

1 more month before sch starts..

yupz.. 1 more month.. before school starts... hee.. i also duno to be happy or not? :P

I have not touched my books for sometime le.. boiboi angry liao.. :P i also duno why i so lazy.. My dad once asked mi (when i was young).. if i knew how did the pig die?
my answer? the pig died of stupidlity. den he say wrong.. the pig death of laziness.. :p eeek... my dad scold mi stupid & lazy with just one story.. wah... :P

anyway.. my super duper lazy mood came over mi... & now all i want is to rot & not blog le.. so.. erm.. see yah all again.. when i feel like blogging... mayb tml? mayb sunday? haha.. tata

Princess goes nuts...

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