Saturday, May 28, 2005

bad day

title:bad day.

instead of whinning too much.. let mi just list a few things bah..

1) I cannot drink Coke. All the gas always gets stucked inside mi & i feel damn irritated.
2) try not to go "town" on Sats... esp on the GSS days..
3) Never wait for cabs at taxi stands.. haha..
4) rmb to apply moisture lotion thingy right after bath/shower.
5) set alarm clock back to normal timing.
6) rmb to draw money from card before going to shop.

7) Do not be considerate!!!

haha. .thats' all lah..
the sunshine gal search at cine not as crowded as i thought it will be... but the girls all quite pretty lah.. so i rather not go make a fool of myself loh.. hee.. I shy shy..

bought 2 pairs of earrings from a shop in heeren, thought it's a little expensive (the quality not that good neh..).. den also bought the correct photo paper. yesterday bought the wrong one.. den open and use but look a little weird weird one... haha.. okay lah.. that's for today.

Yesterday, bought a EPSON scanner/printer/copier.. quite fun.. haha.. play ard abit.. I look & sound like some irrnorant kid last night.. fascinated at some of the things a printer can do.. like print.. wa haha.. I like to print but got nothing for mi to print leh.. :p

erm.. that's abt it? dun feel liek writting le.. write again soon? :)

I miss my darling.. he's going away for 2weeks.. :'(

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