Monday, May 30, 2005

Jay SG Fanclub

title: Jay SG Fanclub

Hee.. can see the "change" in my blog? Got my photo. our photo. & Jay..
actually trying to make a logo for Jay SG fanclub... but the end product not nice at all.. so i played ard with my own stuffs loh.. hee...
got to know a few friends in the forum.. kinda a good start.. haha.. make friends with similar interest.. :)

tummy not in good shape.. i'm feelign quite uncomfortable... My dark eye rings came back to huant me again... am i lacking sleep? or water? or fruits? or what??? sicky leh..

I've made plans to settle everything i can settle by the end of May. so i can start to erm.. take a look at my books for O's the first week of june.

yup yup.. i came in here to blog abt my darling one.. but forgot what i wanted to write.. :p anyway.. it's our 10th month together le? heh.. i think i'll update again when i rmb what i want to write bah..

Jay is coming to Sg in june i heard!! :)

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