Friday, May 27, 2005

changes part 2

Changes part 2

my email address has to change. (I've got the new address le, those who want it, ask mi when you see me on the old address msn?)
my phone number will be changed when i can get my parents to allow mi to change without explaining too much.. (i can't lie to them.. they understand mi too well *sometimes*..)

Before you procced to read, this is a warning!!
*the following "Message" is just for mi to let out my fustration, you may choose not to read it & escape to other ppl's blog.*
Thanks for your attention.

recently, i got into a little "fight" with someone. i asked that someone not to contact mi.. she still sms mi.. so anyway.. all her sms were veri insulting to mi. questioning me (& not listening to mi at all)
& accusing me of things... Condemning me? Not understand what acctually happened or is happening & yak yak yak on things she thinks is happening.. thinks i'm in the wrong in whatever i do.. i'm ultra unchrist like & she's very holy. wooo...

I tried to be polite, really. I've always wanted to help.. veri much.. hope one day she'll wake up and start listening.. but she's has gone too much over. making a fool of herself.. contriditing herself like THIS much. If i am that bad, can she stop smsing mi? can she stop contacting mi? stop proving she's pretty/smart/cuter/sweet/holy den mi?
I'm sure my life would be so much better without her.

I admit, i'm ugly.. & i like taking photos to see if i can do anything to change myself.. is that a wrong? must be pretty than can take photos?

look at mi before i got my camera phone.. and me now...
2 different look.
untidy - a little towards presentable...
she'll never understand.. why i zhi lian so much with my camera...

anyway.. what's wrong with mi wanting to learn more from events like the Fasio sunshine girl serch? i mean.. i just wanna have fun before my school starts.. & while having fun.. get to learn a new thing or 2..

got really sick of replying her when her replies are:

"I never think i'm the best"
(She doesn't think, she just says it. [in conversations/questions she asked.])

"In fact u r wrong tat so young have bf and somemore a non christian."
(I'm not the only one.. & i dun want to wait till her age of 22 and not have any bf. I'm 17 already? hello???)

"I never keep saying ppl dun behave like christians. Only to u."
(she said XXX always used the word FU*K veri often & that is veri veri unchrist like..
& other girls.. abt the things they says.. or their actions veri not like christians.)

"That u r deceiving others that you are a vian person."
(I do not understand this line, can anyone explain?)

"Being a model ppl said is high class prositute. Of course christians can be model. But can they resist e temptation. Model is a job that has e strongest temptations. can u be sure u will not betray your dignity? U r so short how to be a model?"
(She wanted to be a model/singer/event hosy(DJ)/.. so she can resist all forms of temptation & i can't? i know i'm veri short.. but can't i even dream of being a model???? i know it's just a dream... but can she stop harping on the fact i'm only 146? *sob*)

"Christians will not stop befriending ppl because of small matter. Christians should love their neighbours yet you talk bad behind XXX."
(I still "Friend" her but i just didn't like her contacting mi 24/7, asking mi questions that i must answer in her way. if i can't answer, i'm stupid. Must praise her. Must pray for her in her way.. for the guy to love her & be with her & leave the girl he loves most? gosh, i never thought of that way even for the boy i used to love.)
(I love my neighbours, and i will not say bad things behind their back.. i prefer to say it in front or only says things when ppl asked mi to say..)
(I have forgived that XXX months ago.. & near to forgeting le.. but she has to dig it out.. haiz..)

"sorry, whatever you said i don accept"
(true enough, i just didn't need to say anymore)

"Why should i understand ppl? Do I need to?"
(ppl = her friends)
which caused her to be quite friendless some nights at 3-4am & she still smses & calls me at that time!!

"you quarrel with XXX , now me. obviously problem lies in you"
(I quarreled with XXX last year! & i didn't quarrel with this girl, she smsed mi to insult mi & i just replied to explain myself)
(If she did apply that on herself, things will be so much ez for her smart friends who left her alone earlier..)

"You can be forever arguing but never understand that you are at fault."
I wish her knew what she meant in this msg. She could have applied it to herself.
I try to admit my mistake whenever i sees it. I cannot get away with something that i feel that i did wrong..

"who are you to judge me?"
(she was the one who started finding fault in mi & yak yak yak .)

i was with her whenever she needed a friend, helped her out and stuffs even she makes used of mi.. & in the end, she's accusing mi of not friending her for a small matter? I should have left her alone with all her problems long long long ago.. what's with mi.. always sees other's problem as my own.. stupid christina.

Names are changed to hide ppl's identity. :p

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  1. one weird person.
    such childish behaviour.
    in fact, i dont even know what he/she is trying to say.
    ignore such people of different calibre lah.