Tuesday, May 17, 2005

no mood, lonely.

Today it's Monday. Darling juzt went to another island of Singapore. i miss him... hope everythign will be alright...

title: no mood, lonely.

Got back the cameras from that place. & i'm rather pleased... 32 cameras in my hands now. & i promised myself to clear all by end of the month.. a little tough... but i'm sure i can do it.

more updates...
the previous days.. i've been feeling out of sorts... kinda lost... i have so much things to do yet no mood to do them..
I manage to let 1 girl understand that i nvr want to hear from her. & glad that she have since then nvr called/msg mi... okay.. she did msg once.. but i'm prepared to be a meanie to save myself.

many says that sec sch friends are the ppl whom will be your lifetime friends... if it's true... wouldn't i be friendless all my life from now? sad.. :(

a girl (another girl), whom i treated as my veri veri veri close friend... my "best buddy"... somehow.. i've lost her... yes.. i have lost her... she is with other ppl now... i kinda hate her sometimes... yes i'm a meanie... but haiz... i duno... when she ask mi for help, i'll glad go through all kinds of trouble & shit to help her... but in the end... a single word from someone else, can make her change her mindset.. wth... my advice are shit isit? *ROAR*
how's like to be make used of? i just hate the feeling of being made used of... not once.. but it seems... many times... am i too weak?
in BGR, i'm always quite erm.. dare to say no? if i feel things ain't right, i'll push the person away... & ask him to go away, look for someone better or what-so-ever...
but in friendship... i can't do that... i can't say.. hey, i dun like your attiude.. & i think we're not meant to be friends.. lets not contact each other anymore...
i did somethign like this to someone i really couldn't stand recently & i hope she's alright... I duno... mayb i really talked too much... ppl dun believe mi.. they rather believe in strangers... so i guess.. time for mi to learn how to mute myself...

man.. i hate that guilty thing... i always gets it. can't even tell a proper lie all because of it. GUILTY.

so anyway... i'm feeling all lonely... because of a lack of veri close friends.. no one to go shopping with.. no one to really have a heart to heart chat... on one to be crazy with.... most impt.. no one to play sports with... i REGRET 2004. it's after effects are affecting mi even in 2005. *ROAR*

I want a big huge A4 size plate of Fish NOW!!!

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