Friday, May 6, 2005

Za called mi leh...

hee... yupz.. title for today: Za called mi..
woohooo... i can't wait man... If i didn't made that call, i guess i wouldn't be in at all.. haha.. okay... i'm sorry.. kinda excited.. forgot that you guys will not understand a single shit i'm talk about.. :p

anyway, this is it... Za (the beauty product company?), send mi an invitation newsletter kind of thingy... called Za celebrates Being Beautiful Today! "invite" mi to a "session" of "pampering"..
which includes: FREE Za Spring/Summer makeover, FREE Instant Glamour photo shoot & FREE express manicure..
there was a problem, i have to call the office to reserve a place. but being the "shy-shy", low-confident girl that i am, i didn't make the call until a day later.. of coz, it was met with appology & hurmp.. a sad news that all the 100 places for the 2 sessions are all taken.. wow.. so fast? but anyway, this girl took my name down & says she'll try to check if she could get another session in..

da-ta.. they finally called mi juz now to inform mi that i'm in the new timeslot.. heeha... i'm like so happy... of coz. with so many FREE stuffs, i would wonder if there was any scam of what so ever... but it's Za leh.. how bad could it be?

current worry: not so much about it being a scam... but more about... WHO to bring? gosh.. i can only bring one girl.... ONE!!! erm..almost like everyone is SO busy... no time for mi.. :( i asked 2 person sometime back..

one is (take-mi-for-granted-&-i-still care-alot-for-her),
the other is (drive-mi-crazy-with-her idioticness),
now: one is busy, the other i really dun want to bring her leh..
okok.. i know i sound a little mean.. asked her & den dun want to bring her right? but.. i have a reason one okay... haiz.... i asked her a couple of weeks ago, when i still felt she's MY friend.. den recent days, she gave mi the feeling that she's making use of mi.. oh well.. not only making use of mi.. but erm.. she's going to the extrems.. expects too much from mi also.. haiz.. guess only darling knows best... my situation... hmmm...

so now, i'm in a lost... how?


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